Do you or your organization want to contribute to your community and help build a stronger organization that best support students, your Alma Maters, and memberships?

​Are you or your organization willing to join a mission-focused team of people who are relentlessly committed to preparing students for college and a career of their choice?

Although we proudly come from different HBCUs, we are united in our belief that every student has the potential to be successful when a caring adult believes in them. The HBCUC welcomes people who are relentlessly pursuing our mission, who are dedicated to a collaborative culture, and who are willing to promote an environment of diversity, equity and inclusion. 

As a team, the HBCUC members and volunteers; continuously motivate one another, ignite passion in our communities, and pave the way for literacy achievement every single day. You or your chapter can become part of this exciting and dynamic group. We would love to have you!  Consider joining us today. 


Membership Application

Return the membership application with your membership fee to:



PO BOX 24781

Oakland, CA  94615-9719

Or pay the fee on line and email your application to:

Why Should I Join?

Membership Fees

All membership fees are due January 1st of every year.  Payment is made payable to NCHBCUC.  The fees are as follows:

​​Individual    $75      

Active Alumni Chapter   $225

​​​​​​​The Northern California Historical Black Colleges and Universities Alumni Associations Coalition

The Village

Coming together for a common purpose through advancing the cause of education